Photography is apart of Matthew J. Jacobson, It’s what makes him. The passion for capturing the timeless moments. The vast knowledge in the digital age and over 16 years of experience in the commercial photography/production world. Which why he has established Jacobson Production because he like to work at all part of the creativity aspect.

Matthew has always said “from every shoot, having a creative team working side by side the images will  tell the story. Just think of the images captured, a piece of fabric that worn every day, the beauty of intimate emotions that effect lives or a product that has been developed by some one own two hands.”

When he photographing commercial work, capturing the originality with a punch. Whether it is product or a subject, he wants to show how universal it could be used for. What makes him unique from other photographers is that Matthew works close with creative directors and team. To show how it (the product) can come to life.”

To explain Matthew Jacobson in a poem

 I felt compelled to offer a personal critique due to the quality of your work as I am a person who says what they feel and feels what they say.

Your pictorials and unique style hold such depth of creative soulfulness that exude such a pulchritudinous classical sensual feel; a sort of soft sensualist style, you have an art of bringing life beyond the pictorial. I also love your diversity of style and that each type is shot to perfection and foists the best features of the model directly to the viewer in such a subtle way they exude such a unique "je ne sais quoi".
When a master lensman as yourself can capture both the classical, sensual, and beautiful in one snapshot of time they have created the perfect cocktail of delight a true

"Joi De Vivre".

In his spare time, Jacobson likes traveling, relaxing, cooking and hanging out with friends or family. For more information and to view the work of Matthew Jacobson, please go to:

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